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Additional Resources: Non - Qualifying Families and Individuals

Family Free Public Dental Health Many families and individuals do not meet the economic need criteria or other criteria for establishing Medicaid eligibility.

For persons and families that are members of special population groups (disabled, low income, etc) can eventually find assistance, although the qualifying process may be complicated and time consuming.

Financial Help for the Rest of Us

Dental health insurance programs are becoming very popular and relatively inexpensive. They can be an excellent resource for families and persons who want to become proactive in the oral health care. Coverage or spending limits do exist... that favor those who choose to avoid crisis oriented dental treatments.

There is probably NO dental health insurance program that manages crisis oriented dentistry the way that people wished they would.

Perceptions of Poor Risk

Fewer and fewer dentists offer "in-house financing." It is not an exaggeration that many dentists assume that new patients who have established a poor track record of providing responsible health care for themselves or their family will probably demonstrate the same level of responsibility toward paying the monthly payments (this applies to new patients only).

Private, for profit, dental financing resources are becoming more and more popular. They eliminate the collection headaches that dentists don't want and really shouldn't be faced with (their primary function is dental care, not financing).

New Solutions: Routine or Crisis Oriented Dental Needs

Luckily, patients now have access to a variety of funding resources that simultaneously serve the needs of persons wanting health care on a timely basis while simplifying the ability of a dental practice to deliver the care needed.

  • EZ Pay Solutions is designed for people with all types of credit histories, attain financing for dental services (not to be confused with EZ Pay Dental)
  • CareCredit, a popular provider promoted by many dental practices
  • CapitalOne Credit offers financing plans for assorted dental, orthodontic and cosmetic surgery needs
  • CitiBank offers the Citi Health Card
  • Unicorn Financial offers financing plans for assorted dental, orthodontic and cosmetic surgery needs
  • Personal Professional Financing A hybrid search resource for finding multiple sources for personal and professional loans in the US.
Many dental practices have become participating members of these different financing resources and often provide assistance for establishing eligibility. The application process, in most cases, is simple, straightforward and can generate an approval status very quickly, thereby eliminating unnecessary delays.

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